...Grab an end, pull hard, and make a wish.

"wishbone" by richard siken
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anth - 23 - queer - europe - eng/ita

[ computer science student - writer - cat lover - full time shipper ]

Be gay, do crimes

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my SNS profiles are mainly fan accounts, dedicated to my several, ever-changing interests: mainly anime and video games, sometimes books or tv-shows, occasionally movies or comics.

things you should know:

✧ I hate labels when it comes to gender and sexuality. However, if you want to know: I use she/her pronouns for myself but I don't mind others, and as for my sexuality, I'm attracted to all genders and if in need I use pansexual or sometimes bi as a label, although a more general queer or lgbt person makes me feel less caged.

✧ Talk OCs to me please, I love OCs. I'd love to talk about yours and I'd be super excited to share stuff about my own.

✧ I tend to have "problematic"/"illegal" (or whatever else is called these days) ships: I ship underage, age-gap, incest, abuse/badwrong, xeno, and I'm most likely forgetting something. If you're uncomfortable with it, I'm sorry. Block me if it makes you feel safer.

✧ I don't mind, and oftentimes I use for myself, the term fujoshi. No, I'm not a cishet girl, no, I'm not really into the seme/uke dynamic. I still like BL as a genre and I'm grateful to it for the impact and meaning it had for me personally.

✧ I am absolutely 100% upset by anti behavior and culture. If you're a self-proclaimed anti or approve/agree with their views, be sure I won't want anything to do with you.

✧ The above point also means that if I see you've liked or RTed anti "hot takes" and generally stuff about ships being "pedophilia", "fetishism" or "immoral" in general, even if you don't write it yourself, I will unfollow you and sometimes even block you or softblock you, I don't care if we have been mutual since twitter was created, I don't want that stuff on my feed.

✧ If it wasn't clear from the previous points, I don't care about what you think is fetishising, immoral or gross. I watch, ship, write and more generally enjoy whatever I want. It's strictly fiction and my tastes in it do not have anything to do with what I approve of irl.

✧ My profiles are generally NSFW and might contain triggering content. Follow at your own discretion.

✧ As a general rule, I will not check whether my followers are 18+ or not, because I don't always get notified of new follows and I don't always have time to check everyone's carrd and listography and profile when it's not in their bio. However, if you're a minor I would prefer for you not to follow me, because my content is most likely not suitable for your age.
In any case, remember to enjoy your internet responsibly.

✧ I don't care for vagueblogging. If you have a problem with me or my tweet, address it with me in private like an adult or fuck off.

art: #picrew #ぶくまねこメーカー / pixiv


my online presence is not much varied and pretty inconsistent. I like social networks but prefer when they're bloglike (with long posts) and very customizable and after the change in tumblr policies I still haven't found my place in the web

socials, private messaging, blogs

For now, I stick to Twitter as my main fandom related social and I'm trying out Mastodon (ask in pvt for my account on it) and attempting to blog more often on Dreamwidth. You can ask me stuff anonymously on CuriousCat.
As for private contacts, I'm very active on both Discord and Telegram. If you prefer email, ask me for it.
Lastly, you can follow things I'm watching and reading on my AniList and Goodreads.


Nintendo 3DS friend code: 4098-5532-7731
Nintendo Switch friend code: SW-6628-8622-7497
PlayStation Network handle: anthealb
Steam handle: anthealb


you can find virtually all my (recent) writing on my Archive Of Our Own account. Rating, genre, and category can vary a lot. If you enjoy something I wrote, I'd love to hear something from you, even if it's just a short "I loved it!".

art: #picrew #ぶくまねこメーカー / pixiv


The following are non-exhaustive lists of some of the things I watched, read or played, the ones that stayed with me the most, and of ships that say something to my own sensitivity. They're updated from time to time.

Kamen Rider has a dedicated page here

my favourite fandoms and ships:


vatican miracle examiner
roberto/hiraga, roberto/josef, josef/ryouta, bill/julia, roberto/julia, ruggieri/julia, fiona/chiara

91 days
nero/avilio, strega/avilio, vanno/frate, ronaldo/frate

mob psycho 100
reigen/mob, reigen/ekubo/mob, ritsu/shou
I enjoy all the ships but those are my faves.

digimon adventure 02

iskandar/waver, archer/rin, kirei/gilgamesh

bungou stray dogs
odasaku/dazai, dazai/chuuya, atsushi/kyoka, tanizakicest


gideon of the 3rd



...more on my anilist.


asimov's books
short stories, the stars like dust, robot cycle
elijah/daneel (robot cycle)

lindqvist: let the right one in

bulgakov: master and margarita

nabokov: lolita

kj charles: a charm of magpies series

...more on my goodreads.


digimon story cybersleuth & hacker's memory
keisuke/yu (hm)

nier: automata
9s/2b, adam/eve

shin megami tensei
iv, devil survivor overclocked, strange journey redux
naoya/mc (desu)

legend of zelda
breath of the wild, ocarina of time, majora's mask
sidon/link (botw)

ace attorney series
wright/edgeworth, simon/athena

danganrompa 1&2

xenoblade chronicles 1&2

fire emblem
awakening, fates, echoes

tv shows, cartoons & movies

kamen rider
check the dedicated page.

the dragon prince
harrow/viren, aaravos/viren

movie 2018, some comics

star trek
the original series + movies, the next generation, deep space 9
kirk/spock (tos), riker/troi (tng), q/picard (tng), data/geordi (tng), garak/bashir (ds9), jadzia/worf (ds9), kira/dukat (ds9), obrien/keiko/kira (ds9)

star wars
all movies (except solo)
anakin/padme, kylo/rey, kylo/hux

kamen rider

the tokusatsu world is slowly corrupting me. feel free to drop kr and toku recs in my inbox (or anywhere else).
you have no idea what kamen rider is? ask me! or follow this link


✧ W (44/49) ❬ rating so far: ★★★★☆ ❭
✧ Build (37/49) ❬ rating so far: ★★★★★ ❭

plan to watch

1. OOO
2. ExAid
3. Amazons
4. Wizard
5. Gaim
6. Fourze
7. Kuuga
8. Kabuto
9. Blade


✻ Hidari Shotarou/Philip (W)
✻ Himuro Gentoku/Isurugi Souichi (Build)
✻ Banjou Ryuuga/Kiryuu Sento (Build)
✻ Himuro Gentoku/Katsuragi Takumi (Build)
✻ Isaka Shinkurou/Sonozaki Saeko (W)

art: #picrew #ぶくまねこメーカー / pixiv